To provide a safe, healthy, and reliable exhibition environment, the Organizer will take the necessary epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the requirements of the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council and the COVID-19 prevention and control guideline of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industry Association. In order to protect the health of you and the public, the specific measures are now informed as follows, please be aware of and strictly abide by the below regulations for everyone entering the exhibition hall:

(1) All personnel entering the exhibition hall must monitor their own health status before participating in the exhibition to ensure that
① The person and his fellow residents are free of fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea and other symptoms before coming to Shanghai.
② People who have been to key regions shall complete 14 days of quarantine before participating in the exhibition.
③ Before coming to Shanghai, it is necessary to make a personal health declaration and generate the Shanghai QR Code in GREEN which can be handled by the mini program “随申办” (pinyin: Sui Shen Ban; meaning: Shanghai Public Services Online) in WeChat or the section “健康码”( pinyin: Jiang Kang Ma; meaning: Health QR Code) in AliPay. Those who do not have Shanghai QR Code in GREEN are not allowed to enter the exhibition hall.

(2) All personnel entering the exhibition hall must complete the online real-name registration before the exhibition. Exhibitors, visitors, staff and others should provide their true and valid ID numbers and mobile phone contact information through the relevant online system, and they will be allowed to enter the venue after verifying the original ID card onsite. Temporary entrants will be required to provide a RNA test report and a notification of out of quarantine, present their passports and take a photograph for record before entering the exhibition hall. Expatriates resident in China must apply for their Shanghai QR Code in advance before the exhibition, and present the original passport and Shanghai QR Code in GREEN onsite to enter the exhibition hall.

(3) All personnel entering the exhibition hall must bring their own ID card. Minors are not allowed to enter.

(4) All personnel entering the exhibition hall will be admitted by the "Shanghai QR Code + temperature measurement + verification of original ID card” as the entrance method, which requires scanning and presenting the Shanghai QR Code in GREEN before entering. At the same time, those who qualify the Shanghai QR Code must be subject to body temperature measurement. Onsite isolation areas can be set up to quickly isolate the hyperthermia, and the necessary doctors and medical facilities can be deployed for more detailed examinations. If it is judged as a suspected infected person, the Organizer has the right to notify the relevant department in time. The entry personnel must cooperate with the Organizer to go to the designated reception point to avoid abnormal signs or risk groups from entering the exhibition hall. Those who present the Shanghai QR Code in GREEN and with normal temperature can scan the ID card to obtain the badge, and make the verification of original ID card through the gate to enter the exhibition.

(5) All personnel entering the exhibition hall must wear masks, maintain a safe social distance of 1 meter, do not gather or crowd, and reduce physical contact.

(6) In order to avoid the peak flow, visitors shall make online reservations in advance and choose the visiting time. In case of peak flow, please follow the instructions of the on-site staff and attend the exhibition in order.

(7) In addition to the normal entry procedures, all organizer, exhibitors, stand contractors, freight forwarders and other exhibition service personnel must implement a daily health registration system to summarize the health status of the staff daily. For the staff from key region, their health status must be confirmed in advance and the Organizer must be informed in time of any abnormality. All front-line staff must wear masks uniformly.

(8) Exhibitors must prepare masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant water, no-clean hand sanitizer and other anti-epidemic items for their own stand.

(9) Exhibitors shall ensure that the negotiation area is well ventilated and spacious, customers and sales personnel must wear masks. While negotiating, both parties should maintain a safe distance. The Organizer strictly prohibits the exhibitors from carrying out crowd gathering performance activities. If promotional activities are carried out, the crowd shall be kept at a safe distance.

(10) The number of participants will be limited for the on-site conferences. Conference attendees must wear masks throughout the meeting, and on-site seats will be kept at an interval of 1 meter.

(11) Regularly disinfect all high-frequency contact areas. Exhibitors shall strictly implement the preventive disinfection and daily disinfection work of their own stand and exhibits and make records of disinfection work. Cooperate with the Organizer and the venue to do preventive disinfection and daily disinfection work of public areas. All personnel entering the exhibition area shall use alcohol-based hand rub to disinfect their hands. Dining in the designated dining areas or restaurants; If the exhibitor finds abnormal body temperature of guests entering his stand for negotiation, he shall report to the on-site epidemic prevention and control personnel in time.

(12) During the exhibition, the main entrances and exits of each hall will be equipped with no-clean alcohol-based hand sanitizer for the disinfection of participants.

(13) To ensure air circulation in all areas of the exhibition hall, all the entrances and exits of the exhibition hall are open.

(14) The Organizer will not accept personnel from high-risk epidemic regions to register for participation and enter the exhibition hall. All participants shall stay in regular hotels that meet the conditions of sanitary and epidemic prevention, so as to avoid the public places with dense population except the exhibition hall as far as possible during the exhibition. When going out, it is required to wear mask, wash hands frequently, maintain social distance, and consciously abide by the epidemic prevention regulations of the exhibition hall and the local government. In case of emergencies, the Organizer will control the exhibition according to the regulations of the epidemic prevention and control department.