Shenzhen Jiehuiduo Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiehuiduo Technology Co., Ltd.

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SMT | Soldering and joining technology for PCBs (soldering, gluing, dispensing, coating equipment, etc) | Test and measurement, quality assurance

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Company Profile

Shenzhen Jiehuiduo Technology co,.LTD. was established in 2003 It is the leading R&D and manufacturer of peripheral auxiliary equipment and temperature test measurement, furnace temperature test and monitoring in the SMT (surface mount) industry. After 18 years of market and technology accumulation, the company has now become a professional company integrating independent research and development, production and sales; we have always regarded "allowing customers to have automated, intelligent and intelligent products" as the company's vision and mission . "Focus on professional achievements, quality creates the future" is the product philosophy. The company strengthens continuous investment in R&D technology every year, always adhering to the quality policy of "quality first, service first", and is committed to making the SMT industry smarter and more reliable in terms of product quality.
Now professionally provide: PIS24-365 furnace temperature intelligent monitoring system, ASD solder paste automatic adding device, iProfile intelligent furnace temperature tester, Rcmk reflow furnace performance test suite, multifunctional oxygen concentration analyzer, liquid flow real-time monitoring system, automatic nozzle Washing machine, automatic steel mesh inspection machine, SMT accessories and consumables, etc...

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