Guangdong Jinggong Intelligent System Co., Ltd

Guangdong Jinggong Intelligent System Co., Ltd

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Soldering and joining technology for PCBs (soldering, gluing, dispensing, coating equipment, etc) | PCB and circuit-carrier manufacturing | EMS | Components manufacturing

Industrial electronics | Consumer electronics | New energy | Lighting engineering | Household appliance

Company Profile

Jinggong Intelligence was established in May 2017, focusing on systematic solutions for digital factories, integrating lean, digital, automated, and intelligent technologies to provide one-stop services for the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing industries.
In recent years, wholly-owned subsidiaries have been established in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Hefei, Anhui, and Wuxi, Jiangsu, with a professional team of over 400 people. They have successfully passed the ISO three system certification and have been awarded honorary titles such as National High tech Enterprise, Science and Technology Small and Medium sized Enterprise, and Provincial Specialized, Refined, and New Enterprise
As a professional digital transformation service provider, Seiko Intelligence focuses on the main channel and provides practical solutions for nearly a thousand domestic enterprises' digital transformation and upgrading. We aspire to become the world's leading and most practical digital factory solution service provider!

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