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Suzhou Jodell Robotics Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. Through rapid development and expanding for nearly six years, it has successfully transformed into a professional “one-stop” electric servo actuator product supplier. At present, there are more than 100 members in Jodell Robotics team, of which high-level talents from renowned foreign and domestic universities account for nearly 40%, and lots of technical backbone, marketing elites, and technical experts with outstanding professional abilities from famous enterprises have joined. Currently, the company owns more than 80 intellectual property rights, including 23 invention patents and 38 utility model patents. This data is still being updated continuously. In 2020, the company received nearly 20 million strategic investment from venture capital funds with a BYD background, and successfully occupied a first-line position in this field. In 2021, it completed nearly 50 million A+ round financing jointly invested by four institutions including Shared Investment, Xinrui Capital, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Investment, and Wujiang Venture Capital. The ERG rotating electric gripper series developed by the company in the same year became the annual sales champion for the same type of product, and the corporate development entered the “fast track” of full-speed progress. In 2022, the corporate sales had a dramatic increase. In 2023, round B financing of over 100 million yuan was completed.

Jodell Robotics focuses on robot handling technology and insists on innovation. Since the first “electric gripper” with integrated drive and control was launched by the company in 2019,Jodell Robotics has continuously developed new products around the urgent needs of industry customers over the past few years. Currently, the product line covers industrial-grade smart hands, robot electric grippers, modular electric grippers, rotating electric grippers, electric sliders, electric vacuum actuators, linear rotary actuators, electric servo clamping and shaking grippers, as well as more than 10 series of competitive electric servo actuator products.

Jodell Robotics started a rapid growth model in 2021. After achieving a 2.5 times increase in performance in 2021 than 2020, the corporate performance in 2022 increased nearly 10 times than 2021, making it a unicorn breeding enterprise in Suzhou, a strong industrial city. At the same time, Hi-Tech Industrial Research rated it as “the manufacturer with the fastest growth rate of electric gripper sales in China in 2022”. Up to now, Jodell Robotics has more than 1,000 customers in the lithium battery, life science, 3C, semiconductor and other industries. On average, the actuator products sold by the company perform more than 50 million online industrial actions every day, and serve more than 60 listed companies and dozens of industry benchmark enterprises.

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