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Kunshan RongYi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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Company Profile

Founded in 2010, Kunshan Ronyi Automatic Equipments Co.,Ltd is a R & D manufacturer focusing on the integration of lock screw feeding equipment to provide overall solutions. The founder of the company, Xu Zhenkai, was born in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Province. In 1995, he participated in the technical research and development team of screw feeding equipment of Japanese enterprise brand, and made the screw feeding system to the extreme according to the needs of the customer market, and constantly developed and innovated.

In 2005, the first generation of screw feeding drum structure and track debuggable screw feeder was developed, and obtained international new patents in 4 Asian countries. In 2008, Shanghai and Taiwan well-known enterprises to cooperate into the mainland market and establish production lines, in 2010 in Jiangsu Province independently founded Kunshan Rongyi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., the company has more than 60 employees, plant 3,000 square meters, at the same time in Dongguan also set up a sales branch, for customers in South China to provide services, over the years of continuous innovation iteration and technology upgrading optimization The company has won high-tech and more than 20 patents.

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