Vision (Xiamen) Automatic Technology Co., Ltd.

Vision (Xiamen) Automatic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Soldering and joining technology for PCBs (soldering, gluing, dispensing, coating equipment, etc) | Production subsystems(Industrial robots, motion control, drive technology, etc) | Test and measurement, quality assurance

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Vision (Xiamen) Automatic Technology Co., Ltd.. is a focus on machine vision systems, intelligent vision equipment high-tech enterprises. IVS-6000 series intelligent visual dispensing (painting) machine, which is used in COB sealant such as IC chip, auto parts electronic scratch/cover glue, button/sign/point (spray) paint, hardware/electronics industry glue, etc. . IVS-5000 series intelligent Mould Monitor, long-term reliable application in injection molding, die-casting, stamping and other industries lack of materials, thimble/slider not in place, product mucous membrane, size/appearance defects and other occasions; IVS-3000 Series Intelligent Machine Vision System, has been successfully applied to relay, mobile phone, automotive electronics, medicine and other industries defect detection, positioning and guiding robots, classification and recognition, bar code character detection, etc. , it is the first choice intelligent vision equipment of each big industrial enterprise. Since January 2007, we have set up offices in Dongguan, Quanzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou, forming a service network covering the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the southern Fujian Golden Triangle, "sincere service, win-win cooperation" customer concept, to provide industrial enterprises with reliable, cost-effective intelligent visual products, committed to "Vision technology" "VS" to build the strongest brand of intelligent visual equipment.

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