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JMK national high-tech certification enterprises
JMK Shenzhen NISSEI electromechanical Co. Ltd is a professional company engaged in high-end cable automatic handling robot.
JMK company, which set up an assembly plant in China in 2004, has become the largest production base of the automatic terminal robot in China.
JMK deals with robots in Japan, Switzerland, the United States and local harness with a new Chinese concept. A high-efficiency, high class, high sex wire harness processing robot has been developed in the mainland of China.
The industrial chain is divided into four major plates.
1. new energy vehicle wire harness processing robot
2. smart phone wire harness (Type-c) whole line processing robot.
3. intelligent home appliances wire harness processing robot.
4.AC line fully automatic assembly line robot
Both hardware and software have reached the world's most advanced level.
JMK new slogan: new quality service, the highest price. Focus on the selection of the partners with the quality as the starting point.  
Our partners are:
First, MITSUBISHI Japan is one of the largest industrial automation manufacturers in the world. It has PLC, servo motor, human-machine interface, and provides the whole program software.  
Two, Japan's SMC company, the world's largest producer of pneumatic components. Provide the whole machine: pneumatic element and electromagnetic valve.  
Three, one of the largest manufacturers of world track industry in Japan THK, providing the whole machine: track and KK module.  
Four, Japanese OMRON and Japanese Sumitomo, provide a full machine and encoder, Japanese Sumitomo servo reducer.  
JMK of them for our previous technology, and improved methods of mechanical vision, hereby thank! As China becomes the world's factory, we are actively unable to study new products. The idea of today is the creation of tomorrow. We are advancing in this direction and creating a brilliant future with you.

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