Guangzhou Haozhi Imaging Technology Co., LTD.

Guangzhou Haozhi Imaging Technology Co., LTD.

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Company Profile

Guangzhou Haozhi Imaging Technology Co., LTD is an innovative high-tech enterprise developing and producing high-precision CNT-based micro-focus X-ray tube, pulse high-power cold cathode X-ray tube and corresponding computed tomography (CT) system firstly in the world. Presently, we have successfully developed micro-nano focus CT, offline/online high-precision industrial DR, desktop CT, oral CT and other products.
We own the global advanced CNT field emission cathode and CNT-based X-ray tube technology: The CNT-based X-ray tubes effectively overcome the bottleneck of the traditional thermal cathode X-ray tubes such as preheating-needed, low switch on and off speed, high power consumption and low imaging resolution. Besides, compared to the conventional CT, the ultra-high speed pulse imaging can efficiently eliminate the motion blur, reconstruction artifacts. And the pulse mode can achieve higher resolution and greatly reduce the redundant harmful radiation dose as well. The grid control technology has advantages as high-precision real-time dose control and high-speed dynamic dose scanning to obtain optimized X-ray image of irregular objects and human body.

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